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The Business Leaders Forum - William Reed Business Media

23-Mar-2015 - The inaugural FoodNavigator Business Leaders Forum brings together top executives from some of the most innovative food and drink companies in Europe.We’ll discuss the hottest trends in the industry, successful strategies in new product development, and the biggest challenges facing...
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How to gain consumers trust - GNT

23-Feb-2015 - Globalisation has also taken place in the food industry, food trends and new products are spreading. As a top manufacturer you want to fulfil the needs of consumers from different cultures and with different perceptions. Learn what all consumers have...
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The challenge of Bakery Retail 2015 - William Reed Business Media

23-Feb-2015 - To mark the launch of the Bakery Market Report 2015, British Baker is bringing you a FREE LIVE WEB BROADCAST outlining the challenges of bakery retail in the UK. Register now to secure your space.
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The challenge of bakery retail - WRBM

10-Feb-2015 - To mark the launch of the Bakery Market Report 2015, British Baker brings together a panel of experts to discuss the challenge of bakery retail in the UK. The exclusive web event will look at the trends of the past 12 months...
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Beauty From Within - Fortitech® Premixes by DSM

02-Feb-2015 - Nutricosmetics are giving consumers new and exciting ways to achieve healthier-looking skin, hair and nails. Discover how you can drive new sales by fortifying beverages, confectionaries and more with custom nutrient premixes from Fortitech® Premixes.Any nutrient. Any application. Anywhere in the...
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Performance and Nutrition : A solution to replace palm oil - Corman

26-Nov-2014 - Lots of consumers, NGOs and media coverage have been ferocious against palm oil recently, with controversies about environmental and nutritional impacts. Despite efforts to promote sustainable production, pressure is still strong to remove palm oil from food products.This creates huge...
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Back to Butter ! 3 solutions to boost the flavour of your spreads and margarines - Corman

18-Nov-2014 - Butter taste is hot and throughout the world your consumers are craving for tasty, yummy spreads.  Focus is definitely on great butter taste with clean labels and healthy options.To help you reconcile these 3 objectives Corman, the N°1 Butter Expert,...
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Harness the benefits of Chlorella - Allma

03-Nov-2014 - Chlorella is the ingredient of the future. It is sustainable, allergen-free and a natural vegetarian source of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other phytochemicals. Allma, based in Portugal, supplies the highest quality sun-grown Chlorella powder. Through Allma, companies can access the best...
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Bakery study: consumers ready for healthier products - Sensus

01-Nov-2014 - Based on a consumer survey, Sensus has discovered that the demand for healthy, good-tasting food is on the rise and that consumers are willing to pay a premium for it. A growing number of consumers is health-conscious and increasingly seeking...
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Zeelandia Innovation: XFresh - Zeelandia is creating new possibilities in the world of baking

01-Nov-2014 - Improve cake freshness with XFresh, by ZeelandiaXFresh prolongs shelf life and improves the freshness of cake. Consumer tests and professional panels show that applications based on XFresh improve the perceived freshness of cakes by up to 50%. XFresh is also...
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Your future starts at Cargill's T for Trends - Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

27-Oct-2014 - Get a head start on future success with our webinar and discover how global food trends are shaping the cocoa and chocolate industry.Whether you are working in confectionery, bakery, biscuits, cereals, dairy or ice cream, this webinar will provide you...
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The FoodNavigator Salt Reduction Forum - William Reed Business Media

16-Sep-2014 - Salt reduction remains a key public health priority globally, and is seen as an area of importance for many within the food industry. Despite huge success stories from sugar reduction efforts in some countries, public health experts and campaigners still...
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ColorDispersibleTM: Original and Stable Natural Colors for Bakery, Coatings and Decorations -

08-Sep-2014 - Looking for stable natural colors for your bakery? Extracted from edible sources, ColorDispersibleTM caters to the needs of brilliant coloring performance and highly-enhanced stability. In recent years, there has been a prevailing shift from synthetic pigments to natural colors in...
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Baking Science into Success with Dow - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

08-Jul-2014 - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions offers a broad range of ingredients for the bakery market. This white paper reports on experiments carried out in the first half of 2014 investigating how our METHOCEL™ and WELLENCE™ gluten free portfolios help to...
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Gluten-free solutions in bakery products – experts share their findings - Beneo

23-Jun-2014 - Consumers today want tasty, healthy, clean label or natural derived products. Combining this with a growing group of gluten-free eaters is quite a challenge to the food industry. Formulating tasty, gluten-free baked goods can be made easier when experts share...
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Global Regulatory Trends & Recent Provisions - Leatherhead Food Research

16-Jun-2014 - With ever-changing food regulations and a different focus in different countries/regions, it is difficult to identify global regulatory trends. However, due to the increasing obesity problem worldwide and the newly-established mandatory nutrition labelling in the EU, it appears that informing...
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Obesity and health: the big fat, sugar and salt debate - WRBM

13-Jun-2014 - Frustrated by what seem to be half-truths, misrepresentations and downright falsehoods peddled in the increasingly acrimonious debate about fats, sugar and salt? Then, this webinar is for you.Our one-hour, free online seminar – Obesity and health: the big fat, sugar...
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Microalgae - the future of foods? Take baked goods... - Roquette

24-May-2014 - Our distant ancestors, microalgae have played a major role in the development of life on Earth.Today their exceptional properties – nutrition, renewability, functionalities – point to a future of great importance to humankind: involvement in feeding a growing world population. Find...
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Clean and natural: getting to the heart of it - Zeelandia is creating new possibilities in the world of baking

24-May-2014 - One of the lead drivers among retailers and producers of bakery products is ‘clean label’. Similarly hot topics are ‘natural’ and ‘organic ’. These stem largely from consumer demand. Developed markets, including Western Europe, have created a culture of label...
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The bakery holy grail? Ingredients & technologies for tasty health - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - Fat, salt and sugar reduction in bakery isn’t new, but do formulation capacities and potential match up to ever-growing demands from both consumers and governments?Overcoming technical hurdles has become the norm in bakery reformulation, and some ingredients and technologies work...

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