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Meaningful sugar replacement for tasty & healthier recipes

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar

Sugar is a hot topic in the industry & consumer households. But… sugar-rich foods have a way of slipping into our diet, very often due to their taste and convenience. Consumers want the best of both worlds: enjoy the easy accessible goodies with less sugary side effects. In this webinar, BENEO shares how the industry can rise to the challenge and reconcile the desire for taste and healthier living. We bring you market & consumer insights and different ways to replace sugar in baked goods.

Yes! – great technical and nutritional benefits without compromising on taste or texture!


  • Thomas Schmidt

    Thomas Schmidt

    Marketing Director


  • Isabel Trogh

    Isabel Trogh

    Customer Technical Support Manager


  • Myriam Snaet

    Myriam Snaet

    Head of Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights


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