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Delivering differentiation in clean labels

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Delivering differentiation in clean labels

With the clean label trend growing rapidly across the globe, manufacturers are now looking to differentiate their clean label products through their choice of ingredients. Which ingredients can make one clean label product stand out over another? With a multitude of new clean label ingredients, how can you know which ones will make an appreciable difference to your consumers?

Join the clean label experts for this research-driven webinar, in which we will discuss:

  • Current global trends in clean label: what consumers want now
  • Consumer perception of flours compared to other common texturizers
  • Differences in ingredient perception by application


  • Daniel Haley

    Daniel Haley

    Director, Global Wholesome Innovation


  • Angelina DeCastro

    Angelina DeCastro

    Senior Marketing Manager, North America, Wholesome Innovation


  • Janin Zippel

    Janin Zippel

    Product Manager, Pulses and Rice, Europe