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Careers in food

Can't wait for Monday morning, or been watching the clock all afternoon? The economic doldrums have taken their toll on the job market, but there are many ways to give your career a revamp. In this special edition we look at what jobs are out there right now, and how to meet the training needs of professionals. And how does your wage packet compare to the industry's top earners?

SOFHT launches student award

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) has launched its 2014 Student Award to encourage students to choose a career in the food industry.

Microbiological skills gap ‘concerning’, says Campden BRI

Campden BRI has warned of a microbiological skills gap in newly qualified and established microbiologists based on member feedback.

Hovis strike sheds light on zero-hours contract uncertainty

A Hovis bakery strike has shed light on the practice of zero-hours contracts, whereby workers are “on-call” as opposed to having fixed hours and must take work when they are offered it.

Getting a taste of flavor chemistry

From nature to the laboratory to supermarket shelves, FoodNavigator-USA takes a journey behind the scenes of flavor development. IFF flavorist Rich Dandrea tells us about his 20-year career in the industry.

Why is a risk worth taking...? Leading Unilever R&D expert reveals all

FoodNavigator launches a new series - Monthly Career Insider - whereby we profile leading industry lights, asking them how they got to where they are, their key insights into the sector and advice they can impart for anyone wanting to move into their particular field.

Buoyant jobs market driven by Europe-wide demand for skills

The jobs market in the food and drink industry is extremely buoyant, with skills shortages and growing demand set to push up salaries across the board.

Time for a change? More food jobs around now

The UK food job market has seen an upturn in recent months, according to a recruitment expert, and it’s no longer a buyers market for those in the hiring seat. But for mainland Europe, recovery is still to come.

What CEOs earn in the big food firms looks at the wages of CEOs at six major US food companies, using interactive charts to explore their basic salary and incentives in 2008.

Sore lack of skills in Welsh food sector, report

A training academy for food and drink manufacturing in Wales is planned to combat an urgent skills shortage in the country.

Food is not just production, industry tells career-seekers

The UK food and drink sector is getting creative about its efforts to redress the shortage of engineers, scientists and technologists – including opening eyes to the range of careers on offer and training initiatives.

People really are food companies’ greatest asset

Thousands of food companies make and sell products; why do some become so much more successful than others? Is it luck, or is it better people? Dr Michael Lee of CPL Executive Search says individuals make all the difference – and firms need to use the right methods to hire senior executives with a specific set of skills.