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Naturex ahead in Natraceutical integration

Last updated on 02-Sep-2010 at 11:48 GMT2010-09-02T11:48:02Z

French plant ingredients specialist Naturex is still expecting great things of 2010, as the first half of the year yielded record revenues.

Consolidated revenues for H1 2010 were €112.1m, compared to €54.4m for the same period last year, and operating income was up 40 per cent to €14.3m.

Avignon, France-based Naturex acquired the ingredients division of Natraceutical six months ago, a move that propelled it into the top spot in its sector. It is now over half way to regaining its pre-acquisitions earning levels, which requires an increase in operating margin of almost four points.

The latest results are said to show the company’s “ability to very rapidly integrate new subsidiaries and create value for its shareholders”.

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