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UK targets calories in next phase of childhood obesity plan

The UK has set its sights on foods with a high calorie count as it updates the country’s childhood obesity plan, which previously focused on sugar reduction.

PHE facts on childhood obesity via @PHE_uk

Innovation, health & home delivery: Drivers for organic food growth amongst consumers

Innovative products in the organic sector are continuing to contribute to its growth in 2017, as non-dairy milks, nutty butters and confectionery join traditional recipe snacks.

Weight not a factor as energy dense foods appear to up cancer risk

Consumption of energy-dense foods may raise the risk of obesity-related cancers regardless of an individual's weight, a new study finds. 

Spain’s OSI ‘improves product development’ capabilities

US-based protein group OSI Food Solutions has “doubled” its chicken production capacity in Spain and expanded its product development capabilities in the country as it looks to expand in the Iberian retail and foodservice space.

Valio boosting innovation, eyeing exports

Valio, the Finnish dairy cooperative, opened a new €170m snack plant yesterday in a move the company said will enable it to use its “world-class” product development expertise to its “full extent” and expand in export markets.

Making tea trendy: How can the category appeal to millennials?

Functional teas, specialty teas, and indulgent products will help the tea category appeal to millennials against a backdrop of overall falling tea volumes, according to Mintel. 

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