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More than half of EU countries set to opt out of GM

Sixteen countries have requested to opt out of GM cultivation in Europe – but while the Commission says the opt-out clause is necessary for such a complex issue, campaigners are calling it ‘Kafkaesque’ and one scientist warns Europe is walking 'an ethical tightrope'.

Europe increases pressure on Thailand over illegal fishing: 'Yellow card' update

The European Union (EU) will make a decision on whether to ban fish imports from Thailand by December, while the EU gave out ‘yellow cards’ for illegal fishing to Comoros and Taiwan. 

New enzyme means lower costs and resources for sweetener production, claims Novozymes

Danish enzymes and ingredients giant Novozymes has said its new enzyme solution means conversion of starch in to sweeteners can be done for lower costs and with fewer raw materials and energy inputs.

Entrepreneurs to watch

5 tips for a successful Kickstarter campaign from grass fed meat delivery startup Butcher Box

One key to a successful Kickstarter campaign is to create “stretch goals” that incentivize existing backers to find more investors to help unlock additional rewards, advises Michael Salguero, founder of the grass fed meat delivery service Butcher Box.

Could pecans be the next big ‘better for you’ ingredient in snacking?

Pecans could become a mainstay ingredient across the bakery and snacks industry as consumers look for more versatility in their products, says the Center for Pecan Innovation.

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