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Indonesia is burning - but how responsible is the palm oil industry?

Indonesia’s forests are being ravaged by forest and peatland fires that are sparking a public health and environmental crisis – but how responsible is the palm oil industry?

Global Forest Watch data shows 52% of the fires are on peatlands. When peatlands burn they release high levels of methane, meaning the impact on climate is 200 times greater than fires on other lands. Photo credit: Samir Arora

UK hint at 'challenging' junk food policy puts industry on the defensive

The UK government appears ready to ditch an industry-led, voluntary approach to tackling obesity for something “more challenging,” the Deputy chief medical officer hinted last week.

French brands pipped to the post with private label veggie range

French retailer Carrefour has launched what it claims is France's first private label range of vegetarian products - which could spur other brands to occupy this relatively undeveloped space, says a market analyst.

Food retailers to shun ‘wasteful’ ‘Black Friday’

Online food retailer Approved Food has backed Asda in its decision to shun ‘Black Friday’, which it warned could add to the UK’s food waste problem.

Special edition: Inflammation

Is ‘Syndrome X’ treatable with food?

Inflammation is an immune system response to counter injured or stressed body parts and zones – a good and necessary thing – but contemporary diets and lifestyles have overheated the mechanism resulting in a host of chronic health issues. So goes our contemporary understanding of what is sometimes called ‘metabolic...

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