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EU food sector unprepared for droughts set to hit palm oil, soy & cocoa

Europe’s food industry could be left exposed to supply shortages and rocketing prices as climate change increases the risk of droughts in key commodity-producing countries.

EU food sector unprepared for droughts set to hit palm oil, soy & cocoa

Saturated fats don't increase heart risk? Fat chance, say critics

Saturated fat does not clog up arteries nor increase the chance of a heart attack, according to a team of doctors whose views have triggered a wave of criticism.

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Game on: Four industry giants pledge to use French nutrition logo

France's official - but voluntary - nutrition label has its first takers as retailers Intermarché, Leclerc and Auchan as well as meat, seafood and ready meal manufacturer Fleury Michon commit to its use on their products.

Austrian start-up taps into fermentation trend with umami-packed seasoning

With its umami-packed, fermented seasoning made from locally-sourced, organic lupin and oats, Austrian start-up Genusskoarl is bringing to the market its "soy sauce adapted to European tastes".

EU low-cal diet industry "could fold" if rules rubber stamped, warns trade body

New rules on low calorie diets could wipe out manufacturers and distributors of weight loss programmes in Europe, according to an industry trade body which is urging regulators to seek a compromise agreement.

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