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Wild or farmed fish: will changing consumer attitudes be good news for aquaculture?

The question ‘farmed fish or wild fish?’ has leaned heavily towards the most natural option, but new studies suggest changing consumer sentiment could be good news for aquaculture.

A fish farm. Photo: iStock / Defun

Less fat, more protein: Quinoa can replace fat in dry-cured sausage

Replacing fat in dry-cured sausages with boiled quinoa could be an effective way to reduce fat and boost protein content without affecting consumer liking, Spanish researchers have found.

'Healthy' dips are salt and fat traps: CASH survey

British public health charity, Consensus Action on Salt, has blasted so-called ‘healthy’ dips such as hummus as being salt and fat traps, as its survey reveals 74% of hummus dips have a red front of pack label for fat.

Live long & prosper: Med diet credited with lengthening life span: Study

Several food constituents that make up the Mediterranean diet have been strongly credited in extending life span, a 10-year follow-up study has shown.

Nutrition profiles of food with health claims only ‘marginally better,' study shows

Foods carrying health claims have only slightly better nutrition profiles than products without, according to an Oxford University study.


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Opinion: Why palm oil taxes are neither effective nor just

The French government’s planned palm oil tax was withdrawn in the National Assembly in June as part of the revision of the biodiversity bill. The removal of the tax led to protests from Greens, but was supported by the palm oil sector. In my opinion removing the tax was the right thing to do. 

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