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Dairy Council: Milk mortality theory ‘poorly supported’

The hypothesis of a study that found drinking milk to excess could shorten life span in women is ‘poorly supported’ according to the Dairy Council. 

Milk consumption and its effects has been an ongoing bone of contention amongst scientists. ©iStock

Sustainability superhero? UK meat alternative Hooba uses food waste, YMCA programmes and eco-friendly methods

UK flexitarian brand, Hooba, is using sustainably grown mushrooms in favourite meat products to help the environment and consumers’ health.

European Parliament debates cardiovascular disease: Poor diet remains Europe’s biggest killer

Public officials and researchers will clash today at the European Parliament in Brussels, following a damning report on the damage and cost of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in Europe, of which poor diet remains the main culprit.  

EU lawmakers to discuss companies selling poorer quality food in Eastern Europe

The EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council will discuss the issue of dual quality foods next week as Slovakia and Hungary push for EU legislation to prevent manufacturers selling poorer quality products in Eastern countries of the single market bloc.

Ready meals can be more nutritious than home cooking, so how to convince a sceptical public?

Consumers still assume ready meals are low in nutrition, but wider use of slow cooking techniques such as sous vide can produce foods that's more nutritious than home-cooked equivalents. Can prepared foods become more widely accepted? 

NPD Jan-Feb 2017: Spinach tortilla, coffee popcorn and Limoncello biscotti

With Millennials swopping snacks for sit-down meals more often, the avenue for nutritious snacks is wide open to new product developers. BakeryandSnacks tracks new product launches.

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