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Nestlé: Reformulation could stall without EU-wide nutrition strategy

Europe must accelerate efforts to introduce a “holistic nutrition policy”, complete with targets in relation to reformulation, marketing and labelling.

Nestlé has called for a strict EU-wide nutrition policy to ensure a level playing field for all industry players. Photo: iStock
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Nordic 5 ask EFSA to help set intake limits for added sugar

Five Nordic countries have asked the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) whether new evidence means limits for added sugar intakes could now be set.

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Startup Spotter

Danone in talks with French cookie firm Michel et Augustin

Danone sees opportunities to grow French cookie brand Michel et Augustin in the US after opening exclusive discussions to acquire a minority stake.

Fish trimmings could be new value-added protein source

Fish trimmings could become a source of protein with the simple addition of commercially available enzymes, say Nofima researchers.

Brexit uncertainty could raise UK food costs - but discount supermarkets may still win

Brexit-borne economic uncertainty could dampen supermarket’s ability to offer cheaper groceries, though worried shoppers could maintain sales figures at hard discounting retailers like Lidl and Aldi, analysts suggest.

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