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Food industry should be ‘praised’ not ‘pilloried’ for sugar-reducing efforts

The food industry should not be pilloried for making food safe, affordable and enjoyable, according to the chairman of food consultancy Zenith International.

(From L-R) Paul Graham, managing director UK, Britvic, David Saint, managing director, Refresco Gerber. Sarah Montague (Chair), Richard Hall, chairman, Zenith International, Hugo Harper, senior adviser, The Behavioural Insights Team,

Irish 'FoodCloud' app aims to end food waste

An app connecting the food industry with charities is attempting to eradicate food waste by redirecting surplus produce.

Wessanen strengthens position in Spanish organic market with Biogran takeover

Wessanen has consolidated its position in Europe's sustainable, organic food market with the acquisition of Spanish firm Biogran. Does this mean the Dutch firm itself is looking increasingly attractive to investors?

‘Yo-yo diet’ weight gain may be caused by gut bacteria

Rapid post-diet weight gain, often referred to as yo-yo dieting, could be a result of obesogenic gut bacteria which remain even after weight loss, say researchers who hope their findings could help to stop weight gain after dieting.

'Significant players have acted to accelerate reformulation; others need to be more ambitious and move faster'

UK sugar tax: Government encourages further reformulation as draft legislation published

The UK government is pushing ahead with its soft drinks industry levy, saying that the impending legislation is already encouraging producers to reformulate their drinks. 

Mediterranean diet faces triple threat: FAO

The Mediterranean diet is being undermined by climate change, a misuse of natural resources and a brain drain which are damaging the social fabric of rural communities, according to a new book by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

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