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Swiss start-up’s insect-derived food intent on overcoming consumer bugbear

Swiss start-up Essento will make its range of insect burgers and meatballs available in supermarkets after a recent shake-up of the country’s food safety laws.

The  Essento Insect Burgers contain, in addition to flourworms (Tenebrio molitor), rice and vegetables such as carrots, celery and leeks, as well as various spices like oregano and chili. ©essento

FDF, BRC back ‘coordinated’ approach to sugar reduction

Industry bodies representing the UK’s food and drink sector are backing a “coordinated” drive to reduce the amount of sugar in products.

Danone pressured to strengthen margins as activists strike

French dairy giant Danone has become the latest European target of activist investors, with New York hedge fund Corvex Management taking a €340m stake in the group.

Food industry gives cautious reception to UK-EU customs plan

The UK government’s approach for an interim Customs Union to protect business from a 'cliff edge' post-Brexit has been given a warm, if cautious, reception from food industry representatives.

CO2 rises could plunge millions into protein deficiency

Researchers claim that almost 150 million people (1.57% of the world’s population) may be placed at risk of protein deficiency by 2050 if levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continue to rise.

Zoonoses more sensitive to climate than solely human or animal pathogens

The impact of climate change on emergence and spread of infectious diseases could be greater than previously thought, according to University of Liverpool research.

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