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Fears for food safety as UK changes risk management assessment

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to introduce a new “risk management framework” that could result in some businesses facing fewer, or even no inspections.

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Does healthy food need a marketing makeover? 'Indulgent' descriptions make people eat more vegetables

‘Hold the green beans but pass the sweet sizzlin’ ones.’ Using indulgent words to describe vegetables makes people eat more of them – even if there is no difference in the way they are prepared, say Stanford scientists.

Receipt-based traffic light system could aid in making healthier food choices

Food receipts that use the traffic light system to display nutritional information for multiple items could transform current shopping choices into more health-conscious ones, a UK study thinks.

Premier Foods first quarter sales dip, despite good growth from Cadbury cakes

Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods’ reported a 3.1% sales dip in 2017 Q1 as warmer weather negatively affected winter favorites like Bisto and Oxo, but this was offset by bigger demand for sweet treats.

Schubert wins packaging contract with Belgian biscuit manufacturer

Belgian biscuit manufacturer Destrooper-Olivier has partnered with Gerhard Schubert after meeting them at the 2016 ProSweets trade fair in Cologne.

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Tecna targets antibiotic residues in food

Tecna has released an ELISA test kit for the quantitative detection of antibiotic residues in food.

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